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Y'all can stay locked in the struggle I been out backflipping, dog I go hard Watch what you say out your muzzle I've had it up to here, gets me so fired up I ain't nothing but trouble Boy I beat up a beat, don't lemme start Get your ass up on the double Get your ass up! I said Get your ass up! I said I'm moving forward There’s casualties Sorry I’m sick of distortions Need honesty now But there's nothing suggesting it's coming These cowards are capable killers That's shits inescapable! Pow! No cops! Yes, now! No cops! Yes, now! No skipping progress, babe No contest Shits played out! No cops! Yes, NOW! I'm out here repping myself Fuck is you looking at? Do you need help? I am broken beyond recognition Still it's better than any prescription they dealt I am over the same conversations Either do it or don't, I don’t care how you felt I am motion made into a human I am stardust on stardust on stardust on stardust I'm gone [CHORUS] I WANT A RIOT, WHITE RIOT RIOT RIOT OF MY OWN! (x3) I WANT A RIOT, WHITE RIOT RIOT RIGHT IN FRONT MY HOME! Some people look at me cross-eyed when I tell em I own guns You should see how they jaw drop when I tell em I want more I ain't talkin a sawed off to keep thieves from my front door I want a glock and an auto cause i don't trust the cops y'all You say it’s paranoia, paranoia All I do is laugh back They spyin on ya, spyin on ya Everybody's phone tapped You takin orders? Takin over? Exactly where you stand at? Understand that This man strapped This about time all my liberal friends start sweatin Speakin in NPR voices with stern glances Pullin out stats faster than cops pull they weapons round Blacks With their pants sagged and their snapbacks Turned back with their hands up Any fucking questions? It’s fucked up, we all know it baby Question is, why the fuck we waitin? For some president to come fix the nation? We takin aim to fix ourselves Y'all can fix ya faces [CHORUS]
Bobby Hill 03:03
Y'all just bait for the wolves that came Rocking that wool again To tiptoe through your tulips and to your garden gate Chomp through your new Balmain Snatchin your stupid chain Laughing at everything! LAUGHING AT EVERYTHING! I'm Trick Daddy in flip flops Cookin up them conch fritters You P. Diddy at Burning Man In lip gloss and white linen I've been at it we outchere My DMs y'all slide in em Scratching at support slots And guest lists you ain't gettin Y'all band camp and bus rides We cut class at lunch time Got that? Then fall back like LeBron James hairline You're old and irrelevant Like KRS-1 We might be broke and intelligent But fuck it, we have fun [CHORUS] You might be cool but you ain't them We act the fool but we ain't dumb It might be due but it ain't come You might be cool but we ain't friends Cool but we ain't friends You might but true but you ain't them We act the fool but we ain't dumb It might be due but it ain't come You might be cool but we ain't friends Cool but we ain't friends I don't know you! That's my purse! Backwards down 94 Doing like 90 in a black Cadillac hearse Head looking back hanging, yeah With a cig hanging out dangling, yeah And I been on that fuck that trash shit I been out here screaming “Y’all needs to growns up!” Yeah, pasta with sauce, thanks! Leave the crust on mom I leave deposits in four banks Seen a lot of that world stanks Uh, Le Labo on me Lay problems on I'll probably wonder off and ponder em Gone! Laughing at everything Crying the rest maybe But least I feel and care enough To kill it for it catches me You're dead meat Your family's doomed I should say it nicer Nah, fuck it, I shouldn’t Let's keep it true It's cold for you It's dark for you It's done for you Let's eat some food! You're old and dumb You're bored And worst of all (we know that shit it's catching up by now) We're bored of you! [CHORUS]
Coriolanus 04:07
[CHORUS] Oh! No matter where you run It’s gonna follow you Give up the ghost Give up the ghost Oh! Ain’t no one to hear you Who you calling to? Give up the ghost Give up the ghost Ain't nobody tryna save you Ain't nobody tryna do that work if you ain’t tryna do that This is not hyperbole This is facts This is know your value, recognize your gift And I can't show you how to do that I can show you how to make a couple dollars I can't show you how to feel about a damn thing Nah, I could prolly think of something Hold up let me think of something Drop all the work dedicate a couple days to ya cause Lost hope Not false But misplaced That out of step with the world’s A common refrain To every stretched out T-shirt teen Who thinks the world is mean And every girl who finds her chest obscene Cuz her friends have dads And men are fuckin trash Growing up with gropers And a host of hang-ups to get over Take em over Dash How you feel Take it over What you do Take it over To get over Over and over again [CHORUS] Anger's my meat, I feed upon myself And so shall starve with each eating And pass along in poorer health Danger is the minds of men Who see no lines dividing hell It’s here, it’s clear there is nowhere To hide from what's inside of us Stop fighting it! It's all in vein, like arteries Sin's a thing that’s following like shadows, assholes, and the ball and chain You got it man? From the garden Eve All the way To the modern day We dream of speed out running what is haunting our good name And we believe that that is something that we can attain Like sound and light is all to life that sets the clocks of things And the speed of these is all we need to finally out pace The evil deeds that we have screed in the book of you and me It's fucking stupid I was so foolish To think I was safe The gods ain't ruthless They are mute and they just lay in wait For us to fuck it up all on our own Ain't that great? Everyday No escape Might as well just face it babe [CHORUS]
Sid Vishis 03:56
[CHORUS] You got racks? You got rims? You bought your main girl a pair of them timbs? You slang crack? You whip a benz? Ain't nobody in here give shit You peel caps? You pop xans? You keep your money rolled up in rubber bands? It cost what? A hundred grand? Ain't nobody in here give a shit HALLER IF YA HEAR ME! AYE! Some things never Some things never change Death at bay People stay the same Until they forced to fix it, clear away Mister misbehave Something’s gonna kill em any day Rather that than dwell on something simple anyway I got lotsa nothing Steady clogging up my living space I can’t give away enough to salvage what is truly great You think you would demonstrate Them answers that you offering Shit don't make me sense to me Like most the shit I'm lost in I'm just cruising like The gas is cheap or free Let em beep at me Two miles an hour Tryna blend in with the scenery Camo up the kit and slide above them who was shit to me Past them fucks who didn’t see Underneath the lock and key My way like kickin Sid Vicious Hit up, hit highway, duck prisons Get up, get grind up, get livin Never stop Get it Kill em Do something cool to impress A fool such as me is no less Affected by what you possess I'll never care, don’t fuck with it [CHORUS] Anyone with eyes and time can know That that steam don't dance like smoke That pot ain't boiling over Building's burning! Time to go! The truth is all we all hold Will slip through hot hands just like falling snow We ain't ballin We just all in our control But can you follow, yo? Watch the moving cards You can't spot the sucker at the table Then it’s you, my God But what is truly odd Why you double down? Racks up to your ear, my dear Like, “this will draw a fucking crowd!” One day they come around And the next day they gone Meanwhile we hold it down For like a decade strong They keep on talking loud Like they got their headphones on And we just steal their crowd Tear it down and whip that Uber home Boy, please take a bow You're done now I think it's time to go Credits rolling, lights are on Ushers like, “bitch hit the road!” Ain't bouncing back, bitch without magic You ain't Mystikal! With this flow Case is closed Ya trick! Time to go!
We been chompin at the bit all summer Working til the winter come back We all know the flood gone cometh Who gonna build that arc? Burn it from the top down, brother We can sow seeds in that ash We waitin for the spark that starts it Like a strike anywhere match Like a strike anywhere match Like a strike anywhere match We waitin for the spark that starts it Like a strike anywhere match They building condos while you sleep, my man Up goes another as we speak, my man And by the time you out them sheets, my man They’ll replace every damned building on your street, my man Every city look the same to me Mixed-use mediocrity Glass concrete and stone And an Urban Outfitters, probably? Better get in now, before they price you out your property Or reinforce them doors, boy And double up theatlock and key! Water startin just to look like luxury Oil starting just to taste like food God really just must love ugly? Or he never just listened to you How long till the street turn bloody, B? How soon till they come for you? Roman Empire just came crumbling Yeah, that violin play for you Yeah, that violin stay in tune Which straw gonna break you back, boy? Turn your ass into something new? Which law are they gonna enact boy? Til they can take it all back from you? Yeah I’ll be watching when the concrete crack When the bridge collapse And when it all fall back Tick-tockin when the cables snap Under the table with plans on the largest scraps I got a good eye for faults (And lies) And trouble in disguise Trust fucks about as far as they fly when tossed Antarctica embossed across the heart Baby, it’s cold don’t start with me! I, annihilate! I, I mean I pulverize! Wait! I, decimate One more, wait, wait, what I do? Kill! Deal with me getting over on the script Pour stiff St. James get a sip No FOSTA or SESTA, shit No tricks I know it’s hard out here, pimp! Burn it from the top down, brother Let’s phoenix like we sposed to! Circle with my pack an my coven You can crawl around the camp Like a creep til we ghost you ANNIHILATION! (x 1000) I showed up Looking page 100 Something open Half joking, half choking Half Slash I gave up bolting myself back together Taking notice like an omen Look at all these things that I Left broken Coast like Akira on a motorbike Ghost In The Shell my poltergeist Fire for the Zeitgeist, fly away Jesus saves then annihilates Tastes like batteries lime Casualties —uhn —subhuman subprime I ain’t got the time for that I’m a strike anywhere match I’m fucking dying I’m fucking living Ain’t fucking lying Ain’t fucking kidding I pull the pin out Get the lead out I hit the limit I hit the limit I’m East of Eden My beasts of burden My past to burn My past to burn Flames are feeding Slash and burn I slash and burn (x 1000) [CHORUS]  
Joe Strummr 03:26
The dealer's in the backstreet Screaming to her phone Someone stole her stash and She's gonna kill em now We ran out to see what happened Then slinked back to our home Drew the shades Locked the door Unpaused Game of Thrones Joe Strummer's been dead for too damn long And now we’re all just numb to what's gone wrong Hiding in our homes Don’t talk to them We don’t fight We don't riot Even when the war's outside our door We don’t fight We don't riot Even when the war's outside our door We don’t fight We don't riot Even when the war's outside our door They're rioting in Virginia We watched it from our phones And changed our Facebook pictures To congratulate ourselves We make nervous jokes and whispers About the sexts we’re sending out And how the NSA's always listening I wonder if they’re turned on? Joe Strummer's been dead for too damn long And now we’re all just numb to what they’ve done You give an inch, and they'll just take your arm No, we don’t fight We don't riot Even when the war's outside our door No, we don’t fight We don't riot Even when the war's outside our door We don’t fight We don't riot Even when the war's outside our door Staring while standing still Most times gun shots are cherry bombs around here We could be sleepier We could sure sleep easier But, sometimes, them cherry bombs mean, i mean… War’s outside our door No, we don’t fight We don't riot Even when the war's outside our door  
I was 15 with my skater friends Trying to act cool Smoking cigs but I don't inhale Still don't know how to Nate had stole some bowling pins He was so proud too Like a cat left a morning mouse “Look what I found you!” Third Street was ours alone and then The city was ours too Rolled up on a gas station Markers out to mark ground, dude Someone had left a pump open and I sprayed out fuel You'd be fucking surprised Just how far that’d shoot Matches were scratched I don't know how to Explain how it happened But I remember the sound, dude Like, paper ripping But louder than you Can possibly imagine Way more beautiful too We stood stunned by the heat It seemed impossible We felt like we were kings We laughed like we were fools The next day when we skated by And that firefighter looked confused Why the fuck there was a bowling pin In the ashes and rubble? [CHORUS] Trying to find the words for What I need to come to terms with When all I think is, “burn more” (Burn more) All I think is, “burn more” (Burn more) Or try to come to terms with What I need the words for? When all I think is, “burn more” (Burn more) All I think is, “burn more” (Burn more) I talking that teenage loiter Dessa told me there’s a Swedish word for that But my mind is short So I lost it but that Behind the automat SuperAmerica With papers and a Reggie sack Paper Tiger's skating back So kickin it's the modo Pickin locks And scribing lots Of decent windows till they Looking more like New York photos And smelling like I'm 15 Look more than a bit mean But I'm just Black The suburbs got a way of making Kids feel trapped And angry And untamed And so much of the blame is lame On more than one occasion lit a flame With school in mind But who am I? Johnny fuckin Blaze? Been on my Logan Solo Showing everyone the blades I'm alright Not like the Great I'm supposed to be Just want mine Not like I'm asking for the seas Just peace [CHORUS]
Dork Court 03:01
All’s quiet on the interstate Except for who you think? Drivin, tryna innovate Born to be wildlife Born to be bored and get busy Born to be styled right Born to lose but do it pretty Born a snake Grew into some newer type manure Sooner hit the sewer, fuck what alla yous are doing Mostly roll with kooks Heh Mostly roll alone Whippin through wherever Too fast, ignore my phone more Five thousand five hundred fifty six Unread emails Mary’s mad I give a shit but kinda don’t Heh Good at business! I’ll keep the sanity Provided to me Skipping prison And hustle, hustle And fuss over the illest shit And dumb numb Somehow I’m never ever feeling it Listening intent They see and say to pay the rent My sentence is meant Them toys could use a circuit bent Circumvent Circle talk Roll a eye Wiggle walk Evasion nation Pigs fly Dogs talk People love having human arguments with fucking bots People love hanging out in puddles wearing baggy socks Come the entire fuck on! I’m head to toe in Karl Kani and Sean Jean And Wu Wear and oatmeal’s on the rider Gambling on Shark Tank You lame mouth For that reason I’m out THANKS! All’s quiet on the western front ‘Cept me my weird friend On that rattle and hum Live and direct, back in the saddle for once Never tipped a cattle But “Still Tippin” till cows’ll come home Cowboy with the gold front grill Paul Wall with the drawl Paul Newman with the grin Paul…Paul..Fuck! Ran out of “Paul”s dawg I guess I should pause now? Fuck it, too far gone! Ain’t no damn way to turn back now So “Don’t Look Back in Anger” like I’m Liam or Neil Yeah, I know it’s “Noel” and it’s spelled like “noel” But his mama should’ve thought of that when she named the asshole! Fuck you and the horse you rode in I’ll burn your house down like Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Only on the Facebook to let you know when shows is So you can let Russia tap all my phones, bitch! Don’t at me bro! Stay out of my mentions Don’t talk to me or my sons again and Don’t try to tell me J.Cole’s worth a listen He just writes the same shit over Like Bart in detention! Calm down now! Order in the dork court! You sound dumb like white people sayin “norf norf” Of course for sport I can bring more force But your mom is on the porch Saying you got more chores So go fold your drawers And don’t make no noise Our you’ll have to move back in with your dad Like they threatened in divorce court
G.D.F.R 03:39 video
God Damn Chan! Laced us with this beat So now I grace this lovely shit With something taken from the reaches of my dreams Blood and guts Fucker what's and accusations Pucker ups, sleeper nuts And adult situations And dropping steady foot by foot Story after story Passing time, no time to take a look Dory prolly sorry Nemo lost but really ain't too shook Stef is prolly left behind But chilling with a solid book Like, like they ain't coming back And I refuse to feel a feeling Like they ain't looking out But I got eyes on every villain Know the best way out Like every room’s a burning building Show the worthless to the dumpster Keep the true and willing Filling up on junk Passing up on sustenance Busting under stress they pushing buttons How they rest? I bet they don't Like even if they earned it Turn too many other cheeks You learn to watch em burn shit [CHORUS] I don't even know us anymore I don't know how we got this far How did we just get so far home? We ain't in Kansas anymore I was lost in the weeds Imbalanced chemically Superchunk, indie punk Tossing these seeds Holding onto memories Tracing these frail steps Suicidal tendencies Subliminally fucked with, yeah Everybody love LA Until you travel to the Bay Everybody want to stray Until you realize she bae Lock it down! Block em out! Put a ring up on it quick In the club with you singing “Throw some D's up on that bitch!” Empty floor! Let em talk! We ain't worried bout that shit Whole city is our club And we run that fucking thing! Broke in the construction site Years before we'd ever fight Making out in the street lights Now this is fucking our life! God damned fucking right! God damned fucking right! Now this is fucking our life! God damned fucking right! [CHORUS]
6666 03:44 video
I ain't never been to war Knock on fucking wood Neither have you So, we’re doing pretty good I ain't never killed a man Once I stole to eat I knew I wouldn't starve So, it’s all just make believe I think I'm George Patton Herbert Hoover Speaking Shakespeare to the stones And hope that they'll be moved by words Turn rivers into reservoirs I think I’m...fuck it! I used to think I was Casanova But I crumble nowadays Whenever I sleep without her I used to worship “Papa” Spanish Civil War Fishing off the Keys Bullfights and cigars Man, that shit don't work for me I'm on some, “Fuck Bukowski!” Heaven help us if Isaac Brock was right Turning over every single stone in search of signs of life It's kinda nice! Quiet life Far from the guns of war Run my fingers through the grass And listen to you talk Sunlight in the curtains Freckles on your skin This is my Everest, this my Silk Road, this my south pole, Shackleton Yeah, life is protest We are weapons God damn, love like Arab Spring There are frontiers They are endless And they’re in our everything [CHORUS] The sun ain’t set on me yet I ain’t got much, but I’m not alone Inside each life there are four fists We are made whole through our broken jaws Broken jaws I'm ready, I’m patient, I wait Wait…Wait… No I ain't I'm scared and I'm quick to escape “Yeah, he went that a way” Maybe flattered and scattering? Or flattened and shattering? Or collecting data? I don't have an idea that isn't unraveling WHOA! Free where the breeze will take me Helium and balloon but no string This what nobody wanted We stuck so far under We so out of sync Just remember to breathe Just remember to be Just remember how beast you be Reach for like anything Do that shit easy Nothing comes easy Just take it easy Do what the needs be There ain't no freebies Earn what you keeping Or think they do not need me Cuz they don't if you sleeping Caught in the romance and drama of, “woe is me!” Stopped em from catching they opening And there won't be credits This won't stop happening, ever [CHORUS] I'm learning it never makes sense And that's ok That life is a weapon itself With the sharpest blade There is not a heaven or hell Just each day And life is a death in itself And I can change I'm learning to let go as well It’s so strange The past is a part of me now There's no escape I made up the bed by myself So I'm sleepin in it There is no erasing the past To get back what I lost cuz I ain't dead yet! I ain’t dead! (x 1000)
Unjinxed 06:14
Been at it for too long “No backsies!" Ripping off Ghostface Since he rapped this I'm Action Bronson with a six-pack Scratch that I ain't got no abs cat Besides, I ain’t going down that road Still gotta get more stamps in the passport “93 til Infinity” You kidding me? (Man, I kinda really hate that song) Old heads straight gonna flip on me White kids with all their dreadlock dreams Fresh out of fucks and cover ups about that stuff I don't care what y'all think, this is me! Each year I peel more off the onion skin Getting less scared to talk to my friends Getting such strength from the woman I'm with 36 years I’m a god damn man! For real, it feels like I’m finding things Mostly cause I had to stop hiding things It’s fucked up how I arrived at this But luck comes in strange designs, I think? And man, I'm really on my Gehrig shit Luckiest man in the world I think And if I pull it all off with no stops and stick this Jesus god damned! Then it might make sense! Be just be me when I'm home Free to delete all that road What can I say? Weed when I come in the door “Please don't you leave us no more!" What can I say to that? It's just love You don't say nothing You just hug And get to that loving When the right ones stay And you sleep in late And you just behave When you crack that maze And you mean what you say And it relates What can they say to that? I’m a creature, I’m breaching the barricades I'm a sneak, I’mma be where the terror lays I'mma peek at the pieces you put away I'm a freak, I'm a beast, I will not behave! I was born this way I was raised up brave And I shook that slave And I made my way Alright okay! Let's drop that Step back Check that hindsight Got that Did that Want that Let's get that Mary let's book that! No doubt No time Let's take that!


released October 12, 2018

Four Fists is P.O.S and Astronautalis

Produced by Subp Yao
Executive produced by Lazerbeak

Vocals recorded by Brady Moen at April Base and The Hideaway
Mixed by Joe Mabbott at The Hideaway
Mastered by Bruce Templeton at Microphonic Mastering

Photography by Graham Tolbert
Design and layout by Andy McAlpine

Thank you Mary Thayer, Brock Cummings, Lazerbeak, and PEOPLE.


all rights reserved



FOUR FISTS Minneapolis, Minnesota

P.O.S x Astronautalis

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